Terms Of Use

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2 -Members should use original ISP connection with No Proxies, Tunnels, or VPNs when browsing our website.
3- We won’t be liable or held account for any delays, damages, or failuresof service.
4- Only one user can be used with the same ISP, other users will not be accepted.
5- We will not be held responsible for content of websites that our members browse.
6- Inactive accounts for a period of 50 days or longer will be removed from our system.
7- Members can earn money (50% per referral) from referring clients with the link we give.
8- Referrals must have unique user,unique internet connection and own a unique payment account.
9- You may not refer yourself.
10- We monitor our logs closely, any abuse attempt from users is logged.

Violation of the Terms of Use will cause suspension of user account.